Bag Filtration

Duplex (multi) Strainer

Duplex (multi) Strainer

Detail Description

Duplex (multi) Strainer is composed of two (more) stainless steel filters, can be customized according to the actual situation. It has many advantages, such as reasonable and novel structure, reliably sealing, good fluidity and easy and simple to handle etc. Also this Multipurpose filtering equipment has wide range of application and outstanding adaptation. Delivery pump can be assembled on the mobile cart, in order to move to any production line for filtering.
Duplex (multi) Strainer adopts quick-open connection or flange connection, design pressure are reached to 1.0Mpa.

JTGCDⅡ  Duplex SideEntry Bag Filter                                                JTGTFⅡ  Duplex TubeFilter

JTGLFⅡ  Duplex BasketType Filter

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