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    Zhejiang Jhenten Machinery found on 1986, have more than 30 years experience on designs, builds, and services exceptional stainless steel vessels.We focus our engineering skills and expertise on the innovative and sophisticated sanitary design of storage vessels, process tanks, and custom stainless steel fabrications....


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    30+ years stainless steel
    equipment manufacture experience

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    Professional senior R&D team, always adhere to continuous innovation

    Depending on the professional design and R&D capabilities, the design phase fully considers the cleaning requirements and provides modular system solutions.

    Professional Design and Manufacturing Team: has a dynamic, professional and efficient senior team, and always adheres to continuous innovation;

    Clean assurance: Product design stage fully considers cleaning requirements and practical safety, no dead-angle design, product internal and external surface cleaning, using computer-aided means to carry out integrated CIP clean simulation calculation, to ensure that the product is easy to clean and to ensure operator safety.

    develops modular system solutions: uses AUTOCAD and three-dimensional software for professional design, provides modular system solutions for customers, effectively reduces the high cost of cross-contamination and human errors in the production process, and provides complete FDA and GMP verification support to meet customers'high quality requirements for products.

    High-tech professional production and testing equipment, intelligent manufacturing

    Rich industry production experience:Mature production technology and production capacity to ensure product safety and efficiency.

    Professional automatic production equipment:P+T automatic welding, automatic plasma cutting machine, head polishing machine, shearing machine, winding machine, submerged arc welding machine, flat plate welding machine, flat plate polishing machine, stress eliminating machine, etc. Intelligent manufacturing ensures that products are produced according to standard.

    With professional and perfect testing equipment:Material Tester, Roughness Testing, Thickness Testing, Heating, Cooling, Riboflavin Testing, Professional analysis, testing and experimental equipment, to provide a strong guarantee for product quality!

    Industry experience, excellence, win by quality

    More than 30 years of professional experience, long-term commitment to provide high-quality clean products!

    High quality raw materials:The tank body is made of high quality stainless steel from well-known stainless steel enterprises.

    High Precision Processing Technology: has D1/D2 pressure vessel manufacturing qualification and mature manufacturing technology to ensure product safety and efficiency; Welding quality assurance: using the market automatic welding technology, monitoring the welding process, welding and welding seam treatment to improve, to ensure tank integrity and long service life and stability;

    Precise quality control: Strict quality control procedures are adhered to in the production process, and QC is used in every process to ensure quality and high quality of the products manufactured.

    no dead angle design: product surface polishing, seamless parts and accessories, sterilization technology treatment, to ensure product cleanliness and sterilization effect.

    We focus on the sanitary pressure vessels, process tanks and modular system design and manufacture.



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