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Our R & D

    Tradition of continuous innovation
    The history of Jhenten can trace to 1986. The welding & polishing was from pure manual to full automatic,polishing from dry to water. Our company insists in continuous innovation, this kind of spirit guides the way forward. And it hasn't changed till today.


    modular system:
    In the main produce process of biopharmacy, food & beverage and fine chemical engineering, modular system can reduce the high-cost caused by cross contamination and Human error. Jhenten using AUTOCAD and 3D software for professional design, providing modular system solution and technical services. We also provide complete FDA and GMP authentication support, meet the requirements of customers for the high quality of the products.

    • Purified water injection system

    • CIP/SIP system

    • Liquid mixing system

    • Avoid error burden system online

    Promise of cleaning:
    • Edges and corners design to round
    • Surface polished evenly. Can provide the inspection report
    • No gap or sag
    • Seamless components and accessories

    Surface cleaning
    The standard of cleaning vessel is very pivotal, cleaning requirement should be considered during design stage. No dead Angle design must be considered to ensure the effect of cleaning and sterilization.
    Jhenten using the lasted computer-assisted method to process computer simulate for the spray range of CIP cleaning ball when design cleaning vessel, to ensure the cleaning effect cam meet customers' need. Also it using least cleaning solution to reduce user's operating costs. The outer surface of the tank cleaning is also important. Jhenten machine consider not only the beautiful appearance, but also the practicality when designing the tanks. Outside surface must be easy to clean, and must ensure the safety of the operator.

    R&D Dept Members:8 people

We focus on the sanitary SS pressure vessels, normal pressure vessels, filtration systems research and development, manufacturing, sales and service.



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