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Our quality

Cleaning vessel---Perfect combination of value and performance
High quality cleaning vessel is necessary for producing high value-added medicine product and aseptic safety food & beverage. However, the key of producing high quality cleaning vessel is excellent production capacity, high quality materials, processing technology of high precision, accurate quality control and inspiring design. Such as sterile operation, no dead Angle design, integrative CIP/SIP, high-quality components clean and easy for operation monitoring and control system.

Clean vessel can be either a stand-alone device, it can also be automated processing equipment units. Installed at the customer site as a function module, include mix, homogeneous, disperse, Measure and connect with the control unit, valve and pipe. Jhenten can provide all kind of clean vessel to satisfy the biological pharmacy, food and beverage, chemical process requirement. We have the qualification of manufacturing D1/D2 pressure vessel. Professional design team and the mature manufacturing process can help customer to choose correct equipment and fully ensure your products safe and reliable and efficient usage.


Process of welding-----excelsior process
The welding processing is largely determine the quality of the tanks during manufacturing. The weld strength and post-process quality can ensure the service life and operating efficiency of tanks. Jhenten using high quality stainless steel to produce tanks. These metallic material is strict to the welding technique to ensure complete and has long service life and stability of tank. Jhenten has experienced welders, welding quality is very stable and high repeatability. We using the latest automatic welding technology on the market at present, monitoring welding process entirely.

Quality assurance of welding
Using automatic welding, MIG/TIG welding
Automatic welding room temperature and humidity control, dust control
Sample material, thickness and welding current control
High purity argon gas protection welding
Records of automatic welding
Quality control and testing
All tanks in the machining process must be strictly quality check, these inspection is an important part of FAT program, and related file will take into FAT and finally submitted to the customer.
·The testing project customer can require include:
·Material inspection
·Check & measuring surface roughness
·Electrical tests such as: Stirring test, vibration test, noise test, etc.


We focus on the sanitary SS pressure vessels, normal pressure vessels, filtration systems research and development, manufacturing, sales and service.



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