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Modular system

Modular System Solution

Zhejiang Jhenten Machinery co., Ltd is a supplier of advanced equipment and a solution adviser in food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and health products and a solution. In those field, we are able to provide solutions and equipment of solid and liquid mixing, dissolving, filtering and storing process. Not only do we manufacture the single specific equipment for pharmaceutical soft capsule, pure water injection, CIP automatic cleaning and filtering system, but also we design the modular system and complete production line.

What crucial and significant is our mature technologies and practical experiences in years. Through combining the trusted technology and sustainable innovation, we aim to provide the most cost-effective single device and to propose the reasonable solution for the customers in food and beverage and pharmaceuticals industries so that they have advantages to stand out from others and are in a leading position all along. It is our excellent products in first-class quality that win the reputation and recognition from numerous world leading brands.

Process module and automation
The products cover standard and customized vessels, batching tanks, fermentation tanks and fluid filtration equipment and other leading process modules applied in dairy products, juice tea, capsule and preparation industry Meanwhile we value and execute automation including CIP/SIP to secure the nearly full automatic running in the factory. That must be a indispensable superiority in the future, which guarantees confidence from our customers.


We focus on the sanitary SS pressure vessels, normal pressure vessels, filtration systems research and development, manufacturing, sales and service.



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