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Our Equipment

Production Equipment

  • New Factory

  • New Factory

  • New Factory

  • Production workshop

  • Production workshop

  • Production workshop

  • Production workshop

  • Hydraulic Press Machine

  • P+T Weld Machine

  • P+T Weld Machine

  • X-Ray Room

  • Plate Frame

  • Plate Frame

  • Plate Frame

  • Dust collect machine

  • Machining workshop

  • Dimple Jacket Weld 2

  • Dimple Jacket Weld

  • Water Pressure Head Machine

  • Hydraulic Press Machine

  • Automatic Plasma Cutter

  • Automatic Head Polish Machine

  • Automatic Head Polish Machine2

  • Automatic Plate Cut Machine

  • Automatic Rolling Machine 1

  • Automatic Rolling Machine

  • Automatic Ambush weld Machine

  • Automatic plate weld Machine 1

  • Automatic plate weld Machine

  • Automatic Plate Polish Machine 1

  • Automatic Plate Polish Machine

  • Automatic Cylinder Polish Machine

  • Automatic Stress Relief Machine

  • Automatic Stress Relief Machine1

  • Package

Inspection Equipment

All tanks should process strict quality inspect during processing. The check is an important part of FAT program, the related file will take into FAT and finally submitted to the customer. The testing project customer can require include: material inspection, check & measuring surface roughness, heating&cooling, lactoflavin. Electrical tests such as: Stirring test, vibration test, noise test, etc.

Material Detector
Roughness detection
Thickness detector
Finish test results

We focus on the sanitary SS pressure vessels, normal pressure vessels, filtration systems research and development, manufacturing, sales and service.



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